The Funds

Our products seek to generate returns in a wide range of markets without any preference for Asset Class or Market Direction (Long or Short). The investment team has a solid track record, and generated Alpha at the Interest Rates, Currency and Stock Markets.

The investment universe is mainly made by: Brazil, Emerging Markets and the major economies such as USA, Japan and Europe.

ADAM|CAPITAL manages a total of 4 funds in Brazil:


ADAM MACRO – This is our flagship Fund focused on Long Term absolute returns balancing the Portfolio to cruise short term volatility. The risk is compatible with the expected returns.


ADAM ADVANCED – This product uses the same analysis of the MACRO Fund but higher leverage. It is focused on Long Term results.


ADAM PENSION PLAN – Adam´s Private Pension Plan combines superior returns of our Hedge Funds with the advantages granted for Pension Plans.

The investment philosophy is the same as Adam´s other Funds, adjusting the strategy to regulatory requirements of Brazilian Pension Plans.


ADAM MACRO STRATEGY – Managed with the same philosophy of Adam´s Macro / Advanced funds and additional focus on Global Markets. This product will not invest on Local (Brazil) Interest Rate Markets and will add Stock Picking / Sector Picking to our Equity Strategy. To be launched on June 30th 2017.